Artist Statement

”I began making photographs more as a necessity than any grand experiment in creating art. Going back as long as I can remember I have always seen pictures in my head. At first ill formed like the fragments of a dream that I'm trying to remember, this medium became the tool that I used to give definition to and make real those images. This is how I learned photography. It wasn't about trying to capture a pretty sunset or portrait of a friend or the unfolding drama on a city street. It was alone in a studio learning to trust and ultimately reproduce the images I saw. It was there, while learning my craft I discovered how to tell stories with my photographs and discovered that this medium is far from just a visual one. Like memory itself, a good photograph is so very much more than just the picture. If I am successful in incorporating the other senses, the viewer can experience my work rather than just see it”.

Artist Biography

Looking back to the moment that would define the course of my life. I can remember a cold morning camping high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It was there I turned to my father and asked, “Why don’t we ever bring a camera on these trips, why don’t we ever take pictures?” Looking eastward to the rising sun and the promise of a new day my father replied,“We could never capture an image that would do justice to the memory of this moment. A camera encompasses only one sense, close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sunlight on your face, listen to the crackle of the fire, the whoosh of the wind through the trees, smell the almost overpowering perfume of the evergreens, wood smoke, and the very earth, around you. These things are what make up memory, not just what you see.” With that one statement the gauntlet was thrown and I would spend the rest of my lifetime proving my father wrong. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area I am a self taught photographer, educator, and evangelist for all things creative. Both shooting and sharing my passion as a University Level instructor in both Photography and Digital Imaging I am blessed to pass on the many hard lessons I’ve learned about visual communication. Staying true to what I saw as a challenge so many years ago, with my work today I endeavor to make each photograph I take encompass more than just the visual. From food to rich textural still life’s for advertising clients, to sport portraiture, and fine art imagery which is now hanging in a growing number of homes and businesses, I judge each image by the number of senses I can involve. Instilling into my imagery a depth that attempts to elevate this medium well beyond a meager 1000 words.

Artist CV

  • 10/2020 Art Ability Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, Malvern PA
  • 07/2020 Figurative Expressions Elk Grove Fine Art Center CA
  • 07/2020 All Botanical, Contemporary Art Gallery Online
  • 07/2020 Food Frenzy: (First Place) Camelback Gallery Scottsdale AZ
  • 05/2020 Flower Power: Camelback Gallery Scottsdale AZ
  • 03/2020 Habitat California Palos Verdes Art Center: Palos Verdes CA
  • 03/2020 Art of Possibilities Minneapolis MN
  • 12/2019 Art of the Human Figure: Indianapolis IN
  • 11/2019 Petals and Flowers Fusion Art: Palm Springs, CA
  • 10/2018 Ritz Carleton Winter Exhibit Slate Gallery Oakland, CA
  • 10/2018 Home, (Best of Show) San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, CA
  • 10/2018 Art Ability Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, Malvern PA
  • 09/2018 Hidden Figure, Healsberg Center for the Arts. CA
  • 07/2019 Photography at the Emerald: Springfield OR
  • 06/2018 Marin Society of Artist (Best of Show) San Rafeal, CA
  • 04/2018 Art of Possibilities (Best of Show) Minneapolis, MN
  • 04/2018 Beautiful & Surreal, Paolo Mejia Gallery Berkeley, CA
  • 03/2018 12 inches of Sin Las Vegas NV
  • 01/2018 Radical Botanicals, (Slate Gallery) 101Second SF, CA
  • 09/2017 Unmentionables, Loading Dock Gallery Lowell MA
  • 07/2017 Pleasing to the Palette, Danville CA
  • 06/2017 Newport Beach Art Exhibit, Newport Beach, CA
  • 04/2017 Natural Wonders SFWA Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • 02/2017 Oneness Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
  • 01/2017 Public Library, Saratoga CA
  • 11/2016 Fusion Art 2nd Annual Artist's Choice, Palm Springs, CA
  • 10/2016 Sensuosity Erotic Arts Festival, Cleveland OH
  • 10/2016 Art Ability Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, Malvern PA
  • 09/2016 Falkirk Galleries Open Juried Exhibition, San Rafael CA
  • 06/2016 Solo Exhibit of "Still" at Light Space & Time Gallery
  • 05/2016 Art Undressed, Miami FL
  • 04/2016 Linus Gallery in Bloom, Los Angeles CA
  • 03/2016 Rochester Erotic Arts Festival
  • 02/2016 Blank Wall Gallery, "Body" Athens Greece
  • 01/2016 Lightbox Gallery Body Collection, Astoria OR
  • 12/2015 Blue, Colors of Humanity
  • 10/2015 STILL, Solo Exhibition, AC Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  • 07/2015 Exposure Awards, Musee du Louvre, Paris
  • 07/2015 The Chocolate Show, San Francisco CA
  • 06/2015 Nakedness, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach CA
  • 03/2015 Nude Attitude, Peoria Art Guild, Peoria IL
  • 02/2015 The Dirty Show, Detroit MI
  • 05/2015 Photo Independent, Hollywood CA
  • 10/2014 Undressed Artshow Linus Galleries, Los Angeles CA
  • 09/2014 Group Show at Paole Mejia Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • 03/2014 Nude Night, Tampa FL
  • 02/2014 Tango and the Modern Nude, San Jose CA
  • 02/2014 San Francisco Erotic Arts Expo, San Francisco CA
  • 02/2013 San Francisco Erotic Arts Expo, San Francisco CA
  • 02/2012 San Francisco Erotic Arts Expo, San Francisco CA

Photography work & Instruction

  • 1985 to Present Editorial and Advertising Photography
  • 1999 to 12/2015 Instructor of Photography and Digital Imaging,
    Academy of Art University, San Francisco CA


  • Apr/May 2016 Blur Magazine Issue 48
  • Fabrik Magazine Issue 29 pg 58 Read Article
  • 10/2015 West Hollywood Magazine Issue 2015
  • 11/2015 The Critical Eye Fabrik Magazine Blog
  • Silvershotz Magazine Volume 10
  • Fall 2016 Creative Quarterly Magazine #44
  • Winter 2018 Creative Quarterly Magazine #53


  • 2016 Prix De La Photographie Paris
  • 2016 Fine Art Photography Awards/Conceptual
  • 2015 International Photography Awards/Nudes
  • 2015 Exposure Awards
  • 2015 One EyeLand/Nature Flowers
  • 2015 One EyeLand/Nature Nudes
  • 2015 Photographers Forum Magazine
  • 2014 Prix De La Photographie Paris
  • 2014 5th Annual Masters Cup
  • 2008 International Photography Award/Digital
  • 2008 International Photography Award/Nudes
  • 2007 International Photography Award/Special
  • 2007 International Photography Award/Food
  • 2007 International Photography Award/Nudes
  • 2006 International Photography Award/Advertising
  • 2005 International Photography Award/Nudes
  • 2005 Black & White Spider Award
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